What Is My 2021 Affiliate Marketing Game Plan?

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2021 is truly a reset year for me and most of you. Since 2016 I have been studying the true art of how affiliate marketing works. Affiliate marketing takes building sites, growing email lists, copywriting, product creation, funnels, webinars, joint ventures, blog creation, I could continue but won’t. So what have I learned over the last 5 years? How have I done? What will be different in 2021?

The last 5 years have been quite a ride. Seeing marginal success, and tremendous failure have shown me that it takes work. However, for those that feel the same, don’t let that be a deterrent. Make no mistake, affiliate marketing is work but at the very least it’s so much better than being corporate Rob dealing with inter-office drama, amiright?

The lessons I’ve learned and the deep dark secrets hidden within the world of entrepreneurship are branded permanently on my gray matter. I’ve spent money on nearly one hundred courses, softwares that are great and software that doesn’t exist anymore. Seen trainings where the product creator admits some damning information and the truth about how they feel about their customers. I mean the stuff is shocking.

Now while there are definite sharks in the affiliate marketing pool, the water for the most part is just fine.

So with my current knowledge I have gained enough know how to know what works and what doesn’t. With that my 2021 game plan has launched.

Setting up a home base.

My blog. The one you’re reading right now is my home base. This is where I am going to write my thoughts. Share cool stuff I like to buy and you can too, get access to true and honest reviews of online courses for various subjects in online marketing, and whether things are a good investment, if you’re into the whole make money from home thang.

I’ll be building my email list. The moohlah is in the list. That’s been so true in my experience. But unless you curate the right list, care for your list, communicate with your list daily, and do a little mind reading of that list, you will not be successful. This is 100% the case with every single successful affiliate marketer.

On to product creation.

The number 1 way to CRUSH online marketing is product creation. Why? Because you immediately build a list that are proven BUYERS! What better type of person to promote a product to than one that has purchased a related product that will continue to help them in their business? There is none better. This is where you can essentially print money on demand. Sounds simple and can be but its work.

This isn’t an exhaustive list by any means to a pathway to success but it is my 2021 game plan. And I hope to be able to share my wins, my loses, and my buying habits of cool stuff with you. Until next post see ya!

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